A Vineyard Full of Bumble Bees Didn’t Stop This Bee-utiful Wedding

“Why do bees get married? Because they found their honey!”

I only have the best things to say about these two. They are the sweetest couple, and if you don’t believe me just ask the bumble bees. These two were married at Youngberg Hill, which is a beautiful venue atop a hill, overlooking vineyards for as far as the eye can see. However, on this particular day it was a vineyard full of bumble bees. And I don’t mean a couple of bumble bees, I mean FULL of them. I suppose you can’t really control these types of things, but I mean, bees. The couple were true troopers and just rolled with it.

Bounce Dryer Sheets To The Rescue

We quickly discovered that rubbing Bounce dryer sheets all over ourselves would act as a repellent. So, the couple made some calls and someone made a run to buy a truckload of Bounce dryer sheets.  Apparently the only brand of dryer sheets that works are Bounce. I stuffed them in all my bags, and tucked them in my dress pockets, and it mostly worked for me. It seemed to work for the couple as well, but I think the bees had adapted to it by the time the ceremony started. I don’t know how the bride stayed so calm. There were dozens of bees dancing around them throughout the entire ceremony, and dozens just chilling on her dress. At one point, one landed briefly on her nose.

The Vineyard Full Of Bumble Bees Didn’t Stop The Day

Many bee related puns were made throughout the ceremony.  Dee Richardson of Diva Matters Ministry is an awesome officiant. I don’t know how she came up with so many great puns on such short notice, because it took me quite a while just to find one to use for the title of this blog!

a large bouquet of ivory and white flowers sits atop a wine barrel at the front of the wedding ceremony large bouquets of ivory and green flowers adorn the wedding chairs wedding guests wipe downy dryer sheets on their legs to keep the bumble bees away a groomsman holds the brides wedding dress ivory flowers on a table at a wedding reception a bride and groom walk hand in hand through the lawn at youngberg hill a bride and groom stand over the porch railing looking off at youngberg hill vineyard a bride and groom stand over the porch railing looking off at youngberg hill vineyard a groom rubs downy dryer sheets all over a bride to help keep the bumble bees off of her a bride and groom embrace at youngberg hill vineyard a groom is happy to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day a bride looks out the window at the top of the staircase in youngberg hill house a handsome groom at youngberg hill bride walks across room texting while bridesmaid holds on to her sash a woman holds a sign that says play that funky music bride and groom first dance at youngberg hill a bride and groom get emotional during a wedding reception toast a bride and groom break glasses at their wedding ceremony bumble bees surround a bride as she holds her groom's hands during wedding vows bumble bees surround a bride as she holds her groom's hands during ceremony wedding vows a brides reflection shows in the groom's sunglasses during their wedding vows a bumble bee almost lands on a bride's nose during their ceremony wedding vows a couple stand in front of youngberg hill vineyard for their wedding ceremony bumble bees cover a bride's wedding dress the groom holds a downy dryer sheet in the air to try to keep bumble bees away during wedding ceremony the bride and her bridesmaids laugh during a wedding ceremony a groom swats at bumble bees to keep them off his bride during a wedding ceremony a wedding ceremony outdoors at youngberg hill vineyards a bumblebee on bright yellow flowers vineyard from youngberg hill a satchel of crystal stones and chloe perfume for the wedding day ivory and green wedding bouquet wedding day oh shit kit Mcminnville from Youngberg Hill

Venue – Youngberg Hill

Officiant – Dee Richardson, Diva Matters Ministry

Hair/Makeup – Gretchen Harp

Flowers – Honor Flowers

Cake – Myriad Cake Design

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