Portland Lifestyle Newborn Photography

There was snow on the ground the morning I headed over to SE Portland for Indi’s lifestyle newborn photography shoot. Before we began the session, I captured this sweet moment between dad and big sister as they looked out the window at the snow covered yard.  I first met this cute couple last Summer.  Todd was the officiant for Gabe & Lauren’s Wind Mountain Ranch Wedding. At Christmastime they hired me to do a fun family/maternity session in a Christmas tree lot in Sellwood.  So, I was super stoked to be able to document them again once baby arrived!  We started with a few posed shots of baby by herself, but the majority of the shoot was a more lifestyle focus to show the whole family together. And since grandma was in town, she made it into a few frames as well!

Portland Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Why opt for a lifestyle newborn photography session instead of a posed sleepy newborn session?  Both are great, however, sessions in your own home in the first few days after bringing home a new baby are much more natural.  Your emotions are elated and there’s a sweet calmness in the air.  You see the relationship between family members as well.  During this session, you can see the love big sister has for her newborn sibling all over her face.  The best time to schedule either type of newborn photography session is within the first 7 days after birth.  Newborns are less fidgety during the first week.  They don’t stretch their muscles as much, which makes them easier to pose.  It’s also common for them to either stay around the same birth weight, or lose a little weight in that first week, therefore they are still at their teeniest tiniest.

Tips For Your Session

  • For sleepy posed photos, wait to feed baby until just before the session, or once you’ve arrived at the studio.  It’s best to feed all at once so baby is full and relaxed and can go into a deeper sleep.
  • For naked baby photos, remove or loosen the diaper at least 30 minutes prior to the session to avoid any impressions on the skin.
  • If you breast feed, watch what you eat the day before and avoid foods that would make baby gassy, etc.
  • Make sure any clothing fits well, before you arrive.  Baby clothes, hats and booties may be super adorable, but even if they are just a little big, they will look silly and oversized in the images.
  • RELAX!  Baby can feel your stress and anxiety most.  It’s normal for them to be fussy, to cry, and to have accidents on my props!  The faster you relax, the faster they will as well!

A newborn girl in a pink tutu and polkadot top smiles with her hands on her cheeks a dad holds a newborn girl as her big sister looks over his shoulder at her sitting on their living room couch in their home a dad sits on a couch in his home holding his newborn daughter and looking at her a mom and dad sit on their living room couch in their home holding their newborn daughter and 2 year old daughter a mom and dad sit on their couch in their home holding their newborn baby girl a little girl sits on the foot of a bed looking at the camera with mom dad and newborn sister in the background mom dad and big sister sit on the bed in their home looking at their newborn girl a weimaraner sits on the foot of a bed looking unamused while a mom dad and big sister play with newborn baby girl in the background

a 2 year old girl holds her newborn baby sister on her lap and holds her hands

a 2 year old girl holds her newborn baby sister on her lap and holds her head while mom leans in smiling

In Home Lifestyle Newborn photos in Portland OR by Crystal Genes Photography

a mom holds her newborn baby girl while looking at her

a mom touches noses with her newborn baby girlgrandma holds a newborn granddaughter





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