Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Octagonal Barn Wedding

This Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Octagonal Barn Wedding included a surprise visit from a Stormtrooper! This was the last wedding I photographed before COVID19 took over the world. In fact, it took place just two days before McMenamins canceled all events and temporarily closed their properties. Phew! That was a close one for this couple!

These two now live out of state, but have spent a lot of time in Oregon, and especially at Mcmenamins. They have completed the passport and are now cosmic tripsters! They are already working their way through it again. So, naturally, hosting their wedding at a Mcmenamins property was the way to go!

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Octagonal Barn Wedding

It was such a lovely day and the decor was so adorable! I have actually photographed quite a few weddings at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse. However, this was my first time photographing at the Octagonal Barn. I had been itching to photograph a wedding here for years! It was a perfectly cozy venue for a cold Winters day. The natural barn wood, and large antique wood stove created such a romantic atmosphere.

I loved the blue and pink decorative touches that brightened up the space a bit. And all the baby’s breath! So simple, yet sweet. The bride really put a lot of thought and care into all the details, all of which were designed and orchestrated by her.

Mcmenamins properties are always great options for weddings. I think especially great for out of town guests who are unfamiliar with their concept. I love that guests get to do a little exploring on the property between events, and there are so many hidden gems. Unfortunately it was a bit too cold for outdoor socializing on this day, but I can imagine it’s a great spot for mingling indoors and out.

The husband and wife DJ team that worked this wedding is fantastic (Chad Dowling Productions)! They knew the couple are big star wars fans, and being fans themselves, had a stormtrooper costume on hand. The wife secretly changed into it towards the end of the evening to make a surprise appearance, passed out light sabers, and even posed for photos with guests. They even had a little desk light millennium falcon ship that they let me use in the background of the ring photos. So fun!

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