Oregon has so many scenic locations for your elopement, intimate wedding, or vow renewal.  In the past few years, the Pacific Northwest has been a hotspot for elopements, and especially for our waterfall locations!  Couples are coming not only from all over the United States to elope in Oregon's backyard, but they are coming from all over the world!  And since the COVID19 pandemic, more and more couples are opting to elope now and have a celebration when life returns to normal.  Some couples are choosing to scrap a big reception all together, and are just focusing on eloping.  

Why should you have an elopement?  For one, you can make more of the day all about you!  Sure, you can infuse your personality into a large wedding day, but you still have to consider things such as whether or not you should have a vegan cake to satisfy 30% of the guestlist, and so on.  With an elopement, it can be a celebration completely focused on your personality and likes as a couple.  And then there's the obvious... unique and scenic locations, for unique and scenic photos!   You can't ask 150 guests to take a 2 mile hike up a rocky ridge to witness your vows.  Well.. you CAN... but... sounds a bit stressful.  However, you should be able to easily find a photographer, officiant, and a couple of witnesses to make the trek.  And if you can't find enough witnesses, I will happily sign off on your nuptials for you.  I've done it more than once in the past!  

Take a look through some of my past favorite elopements, small weddings, and vow renewal celebrations below.  You can also use the search bar on my blog to see other great location options and ideas!

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