All About Me

Who is CGP?  It's me, your fun photographer!

I've had a lifetime love affair with all things color and design

Always a Do-it-yourself type of gal

Purple has been my favorite color since I was a tot.  When we moved into a new house when I was 7, my parents let me choose the color of my walls and carpet.  I picked purple walls and purple carpet.  Yes, they matched.  It was great.  When I was a senior in high school I was ready for a change.  I installed bright red shag carpet all on my own (a neighbor was throwing it out), and I painted the walls bright yellow.  I've always been a DIY type of gal, embracing change, not afraid to try new things, always looking for ways to break the "rules", always looking for my next project or new hobby.   I love that photography mixes all of that into one!


Give me a magical meadow or a babbling brook in a sun soaked garden and i'm a happy camper

One reason I moved to Oregon in 2012 is because of the gorgeous scenery.  I just can't get enough of it!  The variety of landscapes, that buttery west coast sunshine, and the crisp fresh air.  I spend most free weekends during the year camping, lazy river rafting, hot spring touring, or sitting by/floating-on-top-of lakes & rivers (I say I love to swim, but it's just too cold to do it here).  I've never been much of a hiker (I prefer to sit on the ground, laze about, and soak it all in), but I have been trying to give hiking more of a chance lately!  I'm amazed that I've lived in Oregon for going on 10 years and I discover new magical places regularly.  I feel I've only grazed the surface of what it offers.  Give me a wedding to shoot in a beautiful outdoor location and I'm in heaven.

This Guy Is My Down To Earth Love

We met via tinder.  I had declared it my last swipe.

Online dating was fun for a little while, until it wasn't.  Then I decided I would give it one last try.  Isn't that how they say it always happens?  That was actually in the back of my mind when I declared it, which made me think I'd already jinxed the possibility.  But, here we are, together since 2018!  He's from Alaska, rarely smiles for a camera, has a magical cat named Coltrane, has 5 times more vinyl records than I do, and is well versed in Criterion Channel movies, The Twilight Zone, and MST3K.  We fall asleep most nights to either Friends, Seinfeld, or Fraisier playing on the TV.

How About Some Random Facts?

I own over 80 plants.  I could never keep a plant alive until a couple of years ago when I downloaded this neat APP that tells me where to put it in my house and exactly when to water it!  Now I'm HOOKED.

My beverage of choice is tequila and soda with a squeeze of lime.  Also, I drink decaf coffee.  I like the way it tastes.

In the Summer I play on a kickball team.  We typically pick a theme and dress up in crazy costumes each week.  

I drive a Honda Element and I'm already sad for the day it dies.  I'm a big fan, it's the perfect car, and I even lived in it for 4 months when I traveled around the USA in 2011.

Lately my hair is blonde, but don't be surprised if it's pink or purple.  And don't be surprised if it's insanely curly one day and straight the next!  I'm sure eventually I'll go back to dark brown, but it will probably be a while yet.

The first concert I ever attended was Phish.  When I was 14!!  My second concert was The Smashing Pumpkins. 

My all-time favorite artists are Metric, Cat Power, Belle & Sebastian, Sleater-Kinney, Dolly Parton, & That Dog.    See my record collection here.

There is a very special place in my heart for bluegrass and all country music.  At karaoke, you're most likely to hear me singing older country, or very fast rap songs.

I'm A Little Bit Silly & A Little Bit Quiet

I can't believe you're still reading this!
Let's be friends!

Don't mistake being a little quiet for being shy.  I'm just really big on listening!  Mostly I'm just an awkward goofball who gets along with everyone and loves making sure everyone around is having a good time!  

Founder Of Nw Wedding Underground

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A handful of times a year, Crystal brings together a team of the most creative wedding professionals in the PNW and puts together a colorful and themed wedding styled shoot at some of her favorite locations and venues!  Check it out!



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