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The Portrait Experience

I like to make your portrait experience fun, quick, and painless (you're welcome dads!)!

I believe families should get updated photos at least once a year.  And, no, school portraits definitely do not count.  I know how busy we all are, and scheduling time for the whole family to figure out coordinating outfits for an evening of photos can seem overwhelming.  But, it doesn't need to be!  In fact, I love it when families let their toddlers pick out their portrait outfits.  The whole point is to document THIS time in your life, whatever that may look like.  I consider myself a fast moving and spontaneous photographer.  My normal session only lasts 30 minutes!  I love to pack as much variety into each session as possible.  I'm not one that will spend ten minutes putting you into perfect positions for one stiff shot.  Within 10 minutes, we will have moved through at least 5 different groupings and poses!  Of course I will always get those shots of everyone grouped looking and smiling at the camera. But for the majority of the session, I'm looking for movement, laughter, rolling around in the grass, kids running around being silly kind of shots.  It doesn't phase me if the kids are 'misbehaving'... that's the kind of stuff at THIS time in your life, and typically I get my best work when the kids are 'misbehaving'.  I want it to be fun and easy for you, so that you are more inclined to do it more often!


Family Portraits

how do you want to remember this time?

Colorful and fun family portraits in really pretty locations are my jam.  But the thing is, I think all locations can be really pretty!  So, where you choose to do your session can literally be anywhere!  Your backyard, your neighborhood park, the top of a mountain, during your family camping trip, in a parking lot... really... anywhere!  The main focus is on you guys and your interactions and personalities.  The location is secondary.

My regular session lasts 30 minutes, and is a great starting point for your first session with me.  I also offer mini sessions which last only 10 minutes!  

Keep reading below to learn more about my options and pricing.

Kids Portraits

Let them be kids!

A lot of parents worry that their kids will be uncooperative during their session, but I think it's impossible.  In fact, the more wild and crazy the kids are, the more there is for me to work with!  A kid who shows their personality, even if that means they are running away for most of the session, actually makes it super easy!  The hardest sessions are the kids who won't let go of mom's legs... but I can even work with that (as long as mom is okay being in the photo too)!  If you make it all about having a fun time with me, and don't put any pressure or expectations on them, it will be a great experience.  We'll run around, throw leaves at each other, tell silly jokes, and make fun photos!

I also do preschool portraits!  If you have a child in preschool & the school needs a photographer, let's chat!

Maternity Portraits

You're growing a human!  why wouldn't you want to capture this amazing moment?!

Maternity portraits can incorporate a variety of options.  The focus can just be on you, the soon-to-be-mom, or it could involve your partner or even other kids (probably not strangers kids though)!   The best month to schedule your maternity session is during your 7th month of pregnancy.  Typically at this point you have a nice little bump and you're in that glowing stage where you feel amazing.  We can schedule after 7 months as well, but you'll likely be a lot bigger, may feel a bit bloated, and the closer it gets to your due date, the harder it may be for you to get into some of the typical poses (like sitting on the ground)!  At 7 months you'll generally still have full mobility and feel like 100 bucks!

At-Home Lifestyle Newborn Portraits

My favorite kind of newborn session

My favorite kind of newborn session is the one that focuses on the whole family and welcoming a new baby.  I'll come to your house anytime within the first 1.5 months after birth and we'll have a relaxed session of the family interacting together.  This session doesn't require that baby is sleeping, so it's very easy going and natural.  We can typically knock this session out in about a half-hour.

I no longer offer posed newborn sessions, but if that is the type of session you are looking for, I can send you some recommendations for local photographers who specialize in  those!

Pet Portraits

our pets are family too!

I LOVE taking portraits of pets!  Whether you want the session to just focus on your pet, or you want to bring your 5 dogs to your family portrait session, I love it all!   Pets are a lot like kids.... the parents often think that they will misbehave and ruin the session... but I've never met a dog I couldn't get to sit still long enough for a few perfect shots!  I have some tricks up my sleeve, and while they may run around uncontrollably for a while, it definitely doesn't stress me out!  And it shouldn't stress you out either!  

High School & College Senior Portraits

time to celebrate!

Every graduation is a stepping stone to new and bigger things!  And each time a little more innocence is left behind as we grow older.  Middle School to High School... High School to College... College to The Real World.   And it's a perfect time in life to document that innocence and excitement for what's ahead!  I love photographing seniors.  There is always a sense of accomplishment and confidence as they have reached this exciting turning point in their lives.  So much personality!

Lifestyle & Branding Photography

what do you want to say to the world?

Looking to build your modeling portfolio?  Maybe you need someone to photograph your new clothing line?  How about fun photos for your company team?  Looking for a cool cover portrait for your new album?  Or maybe you just want some personality filled portraits of yourself for your website or to feed into  your business Instagram page?  I'm always interested to hear your ideas and help collaborate on any project!  

Professional Headshots

Modeling, acting & professional portraits

If you're looking for something a little more standard when it comes to your headshots, I can do that too!  Whether you're looking for a headshot for Linked-In, your email signature or company website, or if you're looking for acting or modeling headshots, let's chat!

Holiday Mini Sessions

Holiday Cards express!

Starting in October, I begin hosting lots of options for holiday mini sessions.  These are 10-minute sessions with a holiday theme.  You can generally expect to see a few sessions set for Christmas tree farms around the area!  You may also see sessions that have more set decorations, like with the vintage red Ford truck at Yesteryear Farms, or with the holiday displays at Al's Garden Center locations.   Check my schedule in the link below to see if I have any planned yet on the books!  Perfect for knocking out those holiday cards you always say you're going to start sending.

Monthly Mini Sessions

10-Minute Mini Sessions for quick and easy updated portraits!

I try to host at least 1 weekend mini session event per month.  These sessions are typically located in a fun and seasonal location - like a rose garden in July, or a cherry blossom grove in April.  These are fast paced sessions that pack in a bunch of different poses and groupings all in one general spot.  Because of the low cost, these are pretty low-risk if you're worried about your kids being uncooperative.  However, if this is your very first photo session, I might recommend a regular session with me first to help your kids warm up to the idea a little slower!

Do you have an idea for a mini session event?  Maybe you're having a camping weekend, or have a mom's group and a great location idea?  Let's chat!

All About Portrait Pricing



What do you mean, Crystal?  

Many photographers bundle their session fee with a digital image package.  You'll typically see the initial cost being somewhere in the $350-$600 range for the photography time and a set of digital images.  

Because I think portraits should be updated regularly, and because I know you may not need or want 100+ digital images, but you want to cherish your very favorites, and because I know you may be nervous your kids won't cooperate, I charge a very nominal fee for the session time itself, and then you can choose what you want to buy and how much you want to spend afterwards!

Tuesday-Thursday Portrait Session : $65

What it includes:

* 30 - minutes of my photography time & talent
* Location of your choice within 10 miles of 97217
* Scheduled anytime between a Tuesday-Thursday
* Online proof gallery to view your proofs
* Your choice of one complimentary 8x10 print, or one digital image

Additional images can be purchased after the session from the online gallery

Friday-Saturday Portrait Session : $175

What it includes:

* 30 - minutes of my photography time & talent
* Location of your choice within 10 miles of 97217
* Scheduled anytime between a Friday-Sunday
* Online proof gallery to view your proofs
* Your choice of one complimentary 8x10 print, or one digital image

Additional images can be purchased after the session from the online gallery

10-Minute Mini Sessions : $45-$65

What it includes:

Mini Session Events Are Date & Location Specific
* 10 - minutes of my photography time & talent
* Specific location of photographers choice
* Scheduled for a specific date set by photographer
* Online proof gallery to view your proofs
* Your choice of one digital image

Additional images can be purchased after the session from the online gallery
Scroll up to the Mini Session Info Tab for more info and to see the Mini Session Calendar

Headshot Sessions & Company Headshot Events

What it includes:

Headshot Sessions Range from $65-$175
* 10-30 minutes photography time & talent, on-location or indoors
* Location of your choice within 10 miles of 97217
* Solid backdrop or natural
* Online proof gallery to view your proofs

Company Headshot Events start at $45 pp
10 person minimum, Mon-Thurs only, 1 digital image pp
Additional images can be purchased after the session from the online gallery

Baby's First Year : Baby Plan

document all the major milestones
Choose between 3 sessions or all 6 sessions!

I offer a couple of different options for capturing the big milestones of baby's first year.

Pre-purchase a collection that includes your choice of 3 sessions or all 6 sessions, plus a ton of extra goodies like prints, wall art & memory books for a special bundled price.

* Maternity, Lifestyle Newborn, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, 1 Year Old

Starting at $500

Extra Info + Add-Ons

Some things to note:

* Pets always welcome
* 5 ppl max for mini sessions, 8 ppl max for regular sessions
* For more than 5 or 8 ppl, additional time must be purchased
* Additional travel radius available for $1 per mile beyond 10 miles (both ways), or for flat fee based on region
* Prints start at $15, digital images are $40 each
*Full set of digital images start at $250 for mini sessions, $375+ for regular sessions
* Additional photography time can be added to all regular sessions for $50 per half-hour
* Lots of fun products available - gallery canvas, metal and acrylic prints, wall art, photo blocks, fine art books & albums, mini books, ornaments, holiday cards & more!


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