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With over 17 years experience as a professional photographer, I have quite a wealth of knowledge.  I'm all about sharing that to help others grow!  If you're looking for a little help in your photography adventure, I'm here for you.  Whether you have a list of 200 questions to get you started, or if you just want to see how I run things in the office, or if you want step by step guidance during a photoshoot, I can help!  We can cover anything you like!

2 Hour Mentorship - $250

Full Day Mentorship - $850 

- Includes 6 hours of in-office mentorship, coffee, lunch & drinks, a 20-minute headshot/branding session for you, and a client photoshoot of your choice that we will photograph together

6 Month Internship Opportunities

Need more than a couple of hours to learn?  come spend half the year with me!

Twice a year I open up a new unpaid internship position for someone seeking loads of hands-on behind-the-scenes-experience. Great for those of you who prefer to dig in and learn as you go over time, as opposed to receiving a one-time lesson. Great for high school or college students looking to fulfill internship credits. Great for anyone interested in the details of how to run a photography business, but have no idea where to start. And great for anyone who is interested in learning all about social media and online marketing and in-person networking . 

This position is primarily administrative and social media marketing focused, but some editing, photography, and on-location assisting may be offered based on need and interest of intern.

While this is an unpaid internship, it is a great way to gain experience in a competitive field, and learn what it takes to operate a wedding photography business including:

– Providing an exceptional client experience

– Marketing strategy

– Using social media effectively

– Workflow organization

– Networking with vendors

– Client management

– The flow of a wedding day

– Tools and programs to improve workflow


Internship is 2 days a week, 5-6 hours per day, for a six month period

To receive application instructions, please send an email & cover letter, with your resume attached, to:

Please type “Internship Application Request” in the subject line

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