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Let's Celebrate!

You're in love, you're happy, let's take some fun photos in your favorite places to celebrate

What better time to document your love, than RIGHT NOW?!   Whether you are getting married soon, or you're celebrating being together for 1 year or 20 years, why not document this special feeling with the one you love most?   Make it a date!  You can wear your favorite outfit, we can go to some fun places that are special to you, we can bar hop along the way, jump into some waterfalls, skydive together... you're the boss!  And in the end we'll have amazing photos that shows the world what makes the two of you the two of you.    

Fun & Colorful Engagement Photos

A quick meet up or a half-day adventure, it's up to you!

All of my wedding bookings include at least a half-hour of what I like to call 'getting-to-know-you' photo session time. You can call it engagement session time.  As I've mentioned before, connection with your photographer is so helpful to the outcome of the wedding day photos. Getting a chance to spend some time together before the big day, helps with that! You can learn how I work, the stupid jokes I make, and see what my shooting style is like. I get to see how you interact with each other, which of my prompts you respond best to, and what angles are great for you. By the wedding day, we'll be like old friends and you'll be old pros in front of the camera. It also helps to build trust because you'll be able to see the outcome of all the fun things we did during the session so you know exactly what to expect!  Of course, the more time we spend together, the better, so I will always encourage signing up for a half-day adventure!

But, We Hate Being In Front Of A Camera

Say what?!

If there were ever a better reason to get yourself in front of a camera before your wedding day, this would be it!  Honestly I don't know very many people who say they LOVE being in front of a camera.  I mean, even I don't LOVE it, but I have to do it somewhat regularly to keep my headshots fresh!  So, I totally understand how you feel.   That's why I focus on making the engagement session fun and all about being silly and getting to know each other!  I can't count the number of times my couples have messaged me afterward to say how much more fun they had than they expected.  The whole point is... getting a little practice in before the wedding day will make a night and day difference to how natural the wedding images look.

Location Location Location

Need some inspiration or ideas?

After booking your session or wedding with me, you will receive a 'getting-to-know-you' questionnaire in your email.  This is a fun questionnaire all about the two of you... how did you meet, where did you go on your most memorable dates, chocolate or chips?  Or chocolate chips!  If you don't already have a location in mind for your fun engagement session, this helps me brainstorm ideas for you!  Maybe there's a coffeeshop that you frequent together daily?  A bar where you first said I love you?  A riverside where the proposal happened?  Let me tell you a little secret.... it doesn't matter how "pretty" you think the location is or is not... it's all about the two of you.  I can make the location look amazing regardless of where it is.... but when it has an extra layer of meaning for you... it makes the photos 1000x more special.

Fun Portland Engagement Photographer

Portland, cannon beach, mt hood, columbia river gorge, eastern oregon, you name it!

If you're just wanting a quick and simple engagement session, we'd typically just stay within the Portland city limits.  If you're wanting to spend more time together for some fun and colorful photos around the city or further out in Oregon or Washington, then the locations are limitless!  I love to travel, I'm always up for a road trip, and new places are my favorite way to find fresh inspiration.

Show Off That PNW Beauty

Let's hike a mountain or swim in a river.  there are so many gorgeous locations near us!

If you want something a little more epic, let's plan an adventure engagement session!  We can hike your favorite mountain, visit some super scenic spots along the Columbia River Gorge, take a trip to a hot spring, it's up to you!  Let's capture your love PLUS the gorgeous PNW landscape.  

What Does A Day In Your Life Look Like?

in 15 years, Will you remember what your life and love looked like on a normal day?

Sometimes I try to remember what I ate on a regular basis right after college.  I didn't have a meal plan or college cafeterias, I'm pretty sure I didn't cook dinner for myself every day, nor did I go for fast food.  I certainly wasn't eating out at restaurants.  But, WHAT DID I EAT?!  It's the same when I try to remember how I spent all my time.  When it comes to your love and your life (and your lovelife), don't you want to remember every second of how it felt?  A day-in-the-life session is my favorite way to spend a day.  It's a chance for you to give me a peek into your day-to-day.  I'll meet you at your digs in the morning and will hang out with you as I document your entire day!  See a sample day-in-the-life session here.

Engagement Pricing Overview

a half-hour of engagement session time comes complimentary with every wedding booking!

1 Hour Engagement Sessions start at $250

Adventure Engagement Sessions start at $750

Day-In-The-Life Sessions start at $1350



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