Latourell Falls Micro Wedding Elopement

Wow.  Wow wow wow.   This couple wanted amazing images of their Latourell Falls micro wedding elopement, even if that meant jumping in, which we all practically did!  

The heavy rains and snowmelt combined with extremely windy conditions. Neither of which are very unusual, but it definitely made the falls unpredictable! You never knew when a bucket-full of water would come spraying your way.  The guests were superstars. They didn’t let the cold misty conditions get them down.  I love brave adventurous clients who are up for anything, even if they get cold and muddy or rip a few layers of dress.  

First I met the couple at Shepperd’s Dells Falls for their first look and a few portraits. This spot was very close to Latourell. The couple wanted to have some private moments away from guests that may arrive early. After some portraits, we headed back to Latourell Falls to prepare for the ceremony. The couple brought along their beloved Saint Bernard dog so that he could be in some photos as well. We took some family and friends portraits at the upper viewpoint, and then walked down to the base of the falls.


The couple were pretty much soaked by the end of the ceremony, and I had to constantly wipe water off the front of my camera lens! But it was spectacular! The two of them went to the bridge to read their vows in private to each other. It was so sweet.

Once the ceremony had ended and guests said their goodbyes, the three of us ventured closer to the waterfall, and took some of my favorite photos ever. If I wasn’t completely drenched before, I was when we left! I cranked the heat in my car to full blast and smiled the whole way home thinking about how awesome my job is 🙂

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