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Blackberry Meadow Wedding

  1. Will E says:

    Such a beautiful day!

    Congrats Dana & Kate!!

  2. Sarah Barrett says:

    Such a wonderful event! The photos capture it so beautifully! Thank you, Crystal!!♥️

  3. Michael Barrett says:

    Oh, how beautiful these two women are! And their love is sooo obvious in every shot.

  4. Carole Lafleur says:

    Beautiful wedding and pictures. Even got Tuxedo

  5. Michelle de Vera says:

    Such a gorgeous wedding!!!

  6. Jessi Espino says:

    I’m full of love and pride for the bride and bride! I wish that their love grow over the years.

  7. The sweetest brides, and it shows through every photo!! Congratulations Kate and Dana <3 I had the best time working with you!

  8. Kelenia Olsen says:

    Such a fun wedding, filled with love and laughter! Cheers to the newlyweds!

  9. francis felix says:

    These pictures are amazing! The venue is magical. Great job!

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