Mt Tabor Engagement Photos

I love Mt Tabor Engagement Photos. Mt. Tabor is such a beautiful location. The hardest part is always choosing which part of the park to use. I think this area would have to be my favorite. As someone who loves working with sunshine, especially sunshine filled trees, I admit a lot of Mt. Tabor is too dark for that. But this spot on the mountain is perfect and has a lot of variety!

Can we also talk about how adorable this couple is?! Just look at how comfortable and natural they are with each other. Definitely makes for easy photographing! These two live about an hour from Portland, but have spent a lot of time here. Therefore, they had no problem coming up to Portland for their engagement session.


Did you know that Mt Tabor is home to a dormant volcano? Portland is one of six cities in the United States that have dormant volcanos within their city limits. Bend is another one! I think it is so interesting and I was blown away the first time I heard this!

The reservoirs atop the park were built between 1894 and 1911 and 3 of them are on the National Register of Historic Places. The entire park is actually on the register. So much interesting history!

The reservoirs make for an interesting and unique backdrop, that’s for sure. At sunset hours, the light is so pretty on the water and overlooking the city. And if you frame it just right, it could look like any random large body of water. We spent the first half of their session walking through some of the forest trails. There are so many to choose from! Then we walked down a million steps to overlook the reservoirs and play in the tall grass. Of course, then we had to walk back up those million steps to get back to our cars!

These cuties were married at Deepwood Museum & Gardens. Deepwood Museum & Gardens is one of my favorite wedding venues in all of Oregon. Check out those photos here!

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